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  • Steam Surface Condenser
    The Steam Surface condenser is a critical component of both the traditional coal fired power plant and the new generation cogeneration and combined cycle power plants. Main duties of any Surface Condenser are to convert the exhaust steam from its
  • Gland Vent Condenser (Gland Sealing Systems)
    Gland seal systems very important to main and auxiliary turbines.Turbine shafts must exit their casings in order to couple up or connect with the unit that the turbines drive (reduction gears, pumps, etc.) The main and auxiliary gland seal systems
  • Steam Condensing System
    When it comes to the performance of a turbine surface condenser in the operational field of a steam turbine cycle, you need utmost reliability and efficiency. Here’s where Jet Flow’s know how is invaluable. We createcustomise package
  • Feedwater Heaters
    The needs of the power generation industry include year-in and year-out reliability, optimum performance for maximum efficiency, and absolute on-time delivery to meet plant outage schedules.All of the Jet Flow Feed Water Boiler Heaters are designed
  • Heat Exchanger
    A heat exchanger is a device built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another, whether the media are separated by a solid wall so that they never mix, or the media are in direct contact. Product Range - Fixed Tube Sheet Floating Head U
  • Lube Oil Cooler
    Lub oil reduces friction between moving mechanical parts and also removes heat from the components.As a result, the oil becomes hot. This heat is removed from the lube oil by a cooler to prevent both breakdown of the oil and damage to the mechanical
  • Dump Condenser
    Dump Condensers are used to recover large amounts of steam that may otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. During fluctuating steam loads, turbine trip off, turbine start-up,or bypass, the excess steam that would ordinarily be vented can be diverted
  • Dump Tubes
    Dump Tubes are an important part of a system discharging in a condenser. These devices are primarily deployed so as to minimize the size of the bypass valve outlet where the specific volume of steam dramatically increases at low or sub-atmospheric

Valve Division

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